Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)

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Notable achievement:

Progress (Physical/Financial) As on 31.03.2022
Total Person-day generated 36.42 Crore
Total House Hold employed 75.97 Lakh
Total Worker Worked 1.11 Crore
Percentage of SC Person-days 25.42 %
Percentage of ST Person-days 7.91 %
Average Days of Employment 48 Days
Total No of House Holds completed 100 days of Wage Employment 4.71 lakh
Total Expenditure 10907.63 Crore
Payments generated within 15 days 99.68 %

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), was enacted on August 25, 2005. West Bengal Rural Employment Guarantee scheme, 2006 came into effect on 02/02/2006. The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, guarantee for one hundred days of employment in every financial year to the adult members of any rural household, having Job card and willing to do manual work at the statutory minimum wage. The Job may be of Unskilled/Semi Skilled/ Skilled in nature.

Story of the Month: Construction of Fish Pond under Individual beneficiary Scheme

Name of the Block: Bagnan-II Development Block, Howrah

Name of the GP: Hallyan Gram Panchayat

Location: Village- Madan Mohanpur Village, Sansad-XII

Expenditure incurred: Material:- Rs..1, 53,360.00 FY- 2021-22

Overview of the Project: In Financial Year 2021-22, Hallyan Gram Panchayat excavated the pond of Ranjan Show in Madan Mohanpur Sansad. It is under Madan Mohanpur Mouza. The pond is 28 metre in length and 14 meter in breath. The depth is 3.5 meter.

Hallyan Gram Panchayat took the scheme in the Annual Action Plan after taking resolution in the Gram Sabha for 2021-22. As per resolution Nirman Sahayak made the scheme and after proper approval, the scheme has been executed.

Impact: Enhancing Livelihood opportunities are the motto of Mahatma Gandhi NREGS. Ranjan Show is a poor villager of Madan Mohanpur village of Hallyan Gram Panchayat. He has a land which was not in use. Now Gram Panchayat is excavating a pond in the land. After implementation of the scheme, the beneficiary will cultivate fish in that pond and will supply fish in the local market. Thus, he will develop his economic condition gradually

News Monitoring & Transparency

Introducing National Mobile Monitoring System-Capturing Field attendance

National Mobile Monitoring Software (NMMS) App was introduced in West Bengal on September 2021. All Gram Panchayats are registered through this App. This app is aimed at bringing more transparency and ensures proper monitoring of the schemes. The NMMS App permits taking real time attendance of workers at Mahatma Gandhi NREGA worksites along with geo-tagged photograph. The app helps in increasing citizen oversight of the programme. The Supervisors are taking real time attendance of workers through this App. The National Mobile Monitoring App is applicable for the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA workers for all the Districts.

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