Notable achievement:

Road Build under PMGSY:
36693 km

Rural Connectivity

Construction/ Strengthening of rural roads and Rural Bridges, to establish Connectivity in the rural areas there by bridging the Urban Bengal and Rural Bengal

Primary objective:

  • To connect all 1000+ habitations of the State by all-weather connectivity
  • To upgrade all the roads of Core Network to a certain standard in phases.
  • In Phase-I nearly 36000 km of road was identified and sanctioned to provide all-weather connectivity.
  • In Phase-II and III roads of the existing network which are more than 10 year old and important on facility point of view and with enhanced traffic are upgraded through strengthening and widening wherever land is available. The total allocation under phase-II was 2527 km and under –phase-III the allocation is 6287.50 km.
  • 56 Bridges were sanctioned under Phase-I & II
  • There is separate quality control wing of the head quarter of the State to oversee the quality of work.

Funding pattern:

  • For Programme Fund State and Central ratio lies at 40:60
  • For maintenance 100% fund is provided by State Government.
  • Officers & Staff are provided by State Government.


  • All newly constructed roads are maintained for 5 years by the agency itself except in special circumstances.
  • After 5 years all roads are inspected and maintained/upgraded under post 5 year maintenance through preparation of new DPR.
  • The programme is implemented through a network of 31 divisions each headed by one Executive Engineer and supported by F.O, Assistant Engineer, Junior Engineer and Data Entry Operator. For supervision there are 5Zonal circles headed by Superintending Engineers apart from Superintending Engineer (HQ), State Quality Co-ordinator, Nodal Maintenance Officer and Superintending Engineer, Vetting Cell.


  • 36693 km road length is constructed under PMGSY till date along with 50 new bridges.
  • 26030 km completely new road were built under this scheme Since May, 2011.
  • Till date 27694 Km road length has been maintained under post 5 years renewal maintenance works.
  • In the financial year 2022-23, 13827 Km road length has been maintained under Defect Liability Period (DLP).
  • In the financial year 2022-23, WBSRDA has made total expenditure of Rs. 107.14 Cr. through DLP maintenance of under this scheme roads from state fund which is the highest in the whole country.
  • Also WBSRDA has incurred a total expenditure of Rs. 543.67 Cr. through Post 5 year maintenance of PMGSY roads from state fund and which is also the highest in the whole country.


  • Externally aided programme from NABARD.
  • This project is targeted to fill up critical gap in Rural Connectivity by identifying important roads which are not covered by others schemes like Gram Sadak Yojana etc.
  • Department is entrusted with building rural roads, bridges & rural market places under the scheme as filling up of critical gap.
  • Till date under RIDF 28 number of tranches are approved.
  • Against this from 2014-15 to 2021-22 total 519 schemes are sanctioned and of which 318 are completed. Rest are under various stages of completion
  • Under RIDF 6275km of road length is constructed till date.