The B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Panchayats & Rural Development, situated at Kalyani is the premier institute for imparting training and capacity building works on Panchayats and rural development in West Bengal.

It started its journey as “Orientation and Study Centre” by the Government of India in the year 1961 and then In 1st April 1967 it was handed over to the Government of West Bengal as the State Training Institute. In 1988, it has been restructured as State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD) for catering to the training needs in the diversified areas of rural development. In 1991, a parallel institute State Institute of Panchayats(SIP) was established for the capacity building of the Elected Panchayat Representatives. These two institutes were merged in 1996 and named as the SIPRD. Again it has been renamed as The B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Panchayats & Rural Development in 2016.

Since then, It functions as the apex institute for organizing formal training programmes on behalf of the Government of West Bengal in the Department of Panchayats & Rural Development. This process has been further supplemented by five Extension Training Centers (ETCs) located at Burdwan, Coochbehar, Raiganj, Rajarhat and Midnapore.

Vision. : Facilitating all the actors of development for making Panchayats as people’s institutions , Capacity building of all the functionaries of Panchayats and Rural Development for effective performance, and Research for fulfilling the dream of true democratic & participatory rural governance and sustainable and eco-friendly rural development are its vision

Its objectives are :

  • To provide quality training to increase the operational efficiency of the PRI and Government functionaries and also other stakeholders of development process.
  • To act as a knowledge hub in the fields of Panchayati Raj and rural development activities by undertaking research and case studies and and to contribute in developing periodicals, books, monographs , case studies related with Panchayati Raj and rural development .
  • To work as think tank of the State with regard to plans and programmes of Panchayati Raj and Rural Development
  • To develop necessary training curriculum for the participants along with training modules and training materials and literature for various training programmes conducted
  • To provide forums for sharing and development of initiatives in the field of PRI and Rural development.
  • To empower community as well as various community organizations who would accelerate the pace of Panchayats and Rural Development.

Human Resource : The Institute is headed by the Director, who is a senior officer from the IAS or WBCS. The Director, BRAIPRD is assisted by one Additional Director, two Joint Directors, three Deputy Directors, one Senior Research Officer, one Research Officer and one Joint Director (Finance).The Institute has the sanctioned strength of 7 (seven) Senior Faculty Members out of which 5 are designated as Core Faculty Members , 4 (four) field level officers designated here as Faculty Members, 1(one) Technical Officer (Agriculture) from Agriculture department.


Training Preparation of books, monographs and learning materials
Workshop/ seminars Publications
Conduct of exposure visits Evaluation and feedback sharing
Documentation Serving as a knowledge hub
Research studies Advocacy
Networking and partnerships Facilitation

Target Groups of Training

Zilla Parishad Members Zilla Parishad Office bearers
Zilla Parishad Secretaries District Council Members
Panchayat Samiti Members Panchayat Samiti Office bearers
Panchayat Samiti Secretaries Govt. functionaries
Line deptt. Officials Functionaries of Financial Institutions
Non-Govt. Organisations Self Help Groups
Academicians Other Stakeholders of RD
Lady Office bearers of Zilla Parishad, Panchayat Samiti and Gram Panchayats

Recent Performance (2021-22)

Types of Training No. of batches
Induction level Training for IAS Probationers 1 batch
Induction level Training for WBCS Probationers 2 batches
Refresher Training of WBCS(Executive) 1 batch
Induction Level Training on various Sthayee Samitis of both Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samity 4 batches
Training on Propagation & Nursery Management 5 batches
Webinar on Menstrual Hygiene Management 14 batches
Induction Training for Jt. BDOs 2 batches
Webinar on Horizontal Learning Programme 6 batches
Webinar on Community Wisdom in mitigating post Yaas devastation of Crop Cultivation 4 batches
Webinar on Monsoon Care of livestock and Poultry 2 batches
Training of Enumerators for action research in Yaas affected blocks 2 batches
Webinar on winter care for livestock and poultry 2 batches
Webinar on crop management in Rabi season in yaas affected project villages 2 batches
Lessons from self-employed Womens Association (SEWA) - Voice, Visibility and Viability 1 batch
Webinar on innovation in function and management of Farmers Institutions SKUS 2 batches
Online Training on Propagation and Nursery Management 4 batches
Webinar on Salinity Management in Yaas affected areas of West Benga 2 batches
ToT for BRAIPRD, West Bengal on Training Management Portal- 1 batch
NIRD Online Training programme on Gender Budgeting for Rural Development 1 batch
NIRD Online Training programme on SDG & GPDP 1 batch
Sangha Samabay Samiti - legal framework and Members role in institutional Development. Webinar 4 batches
Special Care Programme for Elected Women Representatives 2 batches
Organizational Management of Sangha Samabay Samitis 2 batches
Workshop on Panchayat Act and Rules along with its Amendments and Role of Prescribed Authority 2 batches
Workshop on IT intervention and capacity building 2 batches
Training for Research Methodology on Rural Developments 2 batches
Role of Board of Director Members in Operationalisation of Sangha Samabay Samiti 2 batches
Refresher Training for Secretary of Siksha,Sanskriti, Tathya O Krida Sthayee Samiti of PS and ZP 4 batches
Online Refresher Training on Role of Secretaries of Krishi, Sech O Samabay Sthayee Samity of PS and ZP 2 batches
Refresher Training for Secretary of Khudra Shilpo Bidyut O Achirachorito Shakti Sthayee Samiti of both Zilla Parishads and Panchayat Samities 1 batch
Online Training programme on Citizen Rights and Citizen Charter 1 batch
Webinar on MGNREGS 4 batches
Role of BOD Members in Operationalisation of Sangha Samabay Samiti-Batch : 1 1 batch
scope of changing cropping pattern on salinity management in Yaas affected areas - meet with farmers of Contai-I- 1 batch
Orientation programme of Community participation and roles and responsibilities of VHSNCs 2 batches
Training on Handling of Court Cases and RTI Applications 2 batches
Training on Digital Literacy for Members of SHG 4 batches
Online Workshop on OSR Mobilisation of PRIs- 2 batches
Preparation of Annual Plan for Sangha Samabay Samiti 2 batches
Training on Bookkeeping 1 batch
Cyber Security and essential Cyber Hygiene practices- 11 batches
Review workshop with field investigators on Action Research of Moonson Care of livestock and poultry 1 batch
State level Storyshop 1 batch
National Storyshop 1 batch

Recent Research & Publications

  • 1. Impact of MGNREGA on Tribal Migration: Case Study in Jungle Mahal of West Bengal
  • 2. Changing Livelihood Strategies among the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups of West Bengal
  • 3. A Cross-Sectional Study to Evaluate the Impact of Cooked Mid-Day Meal Programme on Nutritional & Educational Status of Primary School Children belonging to PVTGs of West Bengal.
  • 4. Exploring the Relationship between Education and Women Empowerment and Gender Justice: a comparative analysis between West Bengal, Kerala & Mizoram .
  • 5. Monograph on Gender and gender budgeting: concept, approach and methodology
  • 6. Monograph on Addressing gender inequality through public policy in India and the Asia-Pacific
  • 7. Monograph on Gender Budget, Child Budget, and Gram Panchayat Development Plan
  • 8. Handbook for the Sabhapatis/ Saha-Sabhapatis of the P.S. – 200 pages (approx.)
  • 9. Handbook for the Karmadhyakshyas of different standing committees of the ZP and PS – 9 (nine types) – 150 pages (approx.)
  • 10. Handbook for the General members – 200 pages (approx.)
  • 11. Panchayat Samiti Sahayika
  • 12. Prakalpo Parichayika
  • 13. Winter care of livestock and Poultry
  • 14. Case study book -- A Kaleidoscope of Rural Development (A Bouquet of Case Studies)