Institutional Strengthening of Gram Panchayats (ISGP) Programme - II

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Institutional Strengthening of Gram Panchayat Programme -II (ISGPP II) is a world Bank Supported programme which provides support for strengthening the institutional and financial capacities of Gram Panchayats (GPs) across West Bengal. The programme started in April 2017 in the second phase. After successful implementation of ISGPP-I in 1000 select GPs across the State, ISGPP -II has been approved for implementation all over the West Bengal by World Bank.

The overall improvement in local government functioning from an institutional and financial perspective has been measured through the Annual Performance Assessment (APA) in the entire duration of ISGPP-II. Gram Panchayats receive Performance Based Grant (PBG) based on the results of APA. It enabled services like GPIMS, GIS GRMS have been introduced to GPs under the programme for better management and efficient service delivery.

Regular Mentoring Support in the areas of planning & governance, finance & procurement, rural engineering, IT, are being provided to GPs under the programme. Regular training need assessment and organization of formal trainings have also been undertaken under the programme.

New concepts like Vulnerable Group Development Index (VGDI), Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF), Identification of Eco Fragile and remote GPs are also being exercised under the programme.